Art EveOlutions

I believe everyone is an undiscovered artist. I think it is a wonderful form of relaxation to move paint around on a canvas and hope that everyone at some point gives it a try. If you are like me, it seems intimidating at first. I think it was comparible to walking up town naked. But once you give it a try, that feeling will disappear.

Back Splash EveOlutions

There are so many different ways to add a backsplash. We offer the standard tile backsplash services as well as some artistic and economic options.

Cabinet EveOlutions

Replacing cabinets is one option when updating your kitchen or bathroom. The other option is to refinish and paint or stain your existing cabinets. We can also add trim to give them some new found character.

Counter Top EveOlutions

Granite, marble, quarts are big hits when updating your kitchen, bath and laundry room. We also offer an epoxy option which is the economical alternative if budget is an issue. You can have the stone look without the stone prices.

Fabric EveOlutons

In some cases, upholstering your ugly or stained chairs can be very expensive. Did you know that paint can be a very inexpensive option to update your ugly materials. (this is not an option if the material is riped or in very bad shape).

Fitness EveOlutions

So I don’t really offer any fitness products or services, but added this page as it is a very big part of my life. I may add my workout plans or tips and tricks that help be live a more active lifestyle.

Food EveOlutions

I offer, vegan recipies and helpful tips to traveling or preparing for a day on the road.

Flooring EveOlutions

We have some really neat flooring solutions, both standard and alternative.

Furniture EveOlutions

Re-purposing and refinishing furniture is so much fun, if you are looking to refinish or repurpose a piece you can either drop it off, or ask me for advise if you are looking to do it yourself. I will populate this with projects that I have done both for myself and for others.