treeI think my favorite thing in the whole wide world is trees. They are all unique, they are all beautiful, they are so important for our survival.

When I was a child I use to watch the reflection of the trees on my wall as they blew in the wind. I would search for shapes and faces like some people do with clouds and that is how I fell asleep every night.

I built a tree house in one of the cherry trees we had in our back yard. I use to eat cherries until I just couldn’t eat any more, I would box the rest for my family and neighbours.

I also recall being chased one time by some wrong doers and so I climbed a small tree and watched below while they searched for me. I was safe until they left.

Trees to me, are everything. They represent safety, food, shelter, beauty and life. I feel so lucky to be doing what I do… and now I want to go outside and climb a tree.


Maple Basement Bar


Maple bench

Live Edge Canvas